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VE Instrument Cluster EEPROM Programming

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Postby oldn64 » Mon May 28, 2018 12:36 pm

Hello All,

Ok i suspect this is the wrong place to post this I am hoping with all the cluster detail you have all been playing with there might be a good thought process here or even someone who has experienced the issue.

I have a 2011 S2 SS manual wagon. Currently I have two issues which I believe are related. First is that I have my dash going black occasionally and as if it is rebooting while driving. I cannot reproduce the problem all the time and it never happens when the dash is on the passenger seat (yes I have removed the dash to diagnose with extended harnesses (headache).

SO i have checked all wiring and monitored all voltage things look stable. I believe this cluster to be the original (however, I am not sure how to verify this). Car has 97,000 ish klms and looks new, so i am not suggesting foul play. after checking everything I am at wits end as to why this is occuring.

The second issue is that I get a check oil light flash up occasionally as well. This can be a single beep with a flash, or two beep and proper oil display. I have replaced the filter and the oil pressure sender and still get the problem. I have made sure all wiring is seated on the sensor and that I am getting signal from the unit. Sender unit was only changed because it was suspected that it was the issue. Oil pressure has been checked and is all good, not a data at all. If I drive at 110kmh in 6th it chimes every 3ish klms randomly, if in 5th no chimes until decel. I can assure that there is oil pressure and the car is not starving for oil. Gauge tells me it is all fine. Only reason I have replaced the oil filter as I have had issues with the racecar and a failed oil filter before.

I know my wife did flatten the battery a month ago and I went through the process of charging and cycling the battery at home once I got the car there. I really dont like just replacing parts but I am starting to get to the stage I might have too. I really dont want to go down the line of replacing the dash either as I am not tooled up yet to do a dash replacement nor do I think this will be an easy conversion. This SS is a once off, and has been verified by Holden themselves. (was a demonstrator and has a lot of the Calais options installed (including the cream interior of the tradition black).

This is my baby after my last one was stolen so I am very much wanting to try and resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance.

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Postby steatedbare » Sat Sep 22, 2018 12:47 pm

Hi all

I am trying to find some support on how to install a new instrument cluster on my MK7 fiesta, I have managed to get hold of a replacement cluster second hand, and have made a backup of the current cluster, but I had trouble re-loading it onto the replacement cluster, and then when I managed to get both clusters looking the same in the central config, I am now getting ABS errors on the new cluster but when I go back to the old one everything is ok.

Also is there an option to correct the millage on the new cluster so it’s the same as my old one?

I haven’t done the PATS programing yet would this be causing the ABS issue or is there something else I need to be doing?


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