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Safely removing factory badging for the Holden VE II Commodore

  • This Document describes how to safely remove some of the factory badging from your vehicle.
    This document primarily discusses short wheel base sedan models, but is applicable to long wheel base, utes and wagon models

    Debadging, or shaved badging consists of removing the factory badging on a vehcile to help accentuate the clean lines of the vehicle.
    For the most part, debadging a vehicle is a simple enough process, and takes approximately 5 minutes per badge to complete.
    However, some badges use alignment pins, which allow the factory to quickly align the badge to the vehicle before application.
    These badges utilise two holes on the vehicle panel to help align the badge during application.
    For VE Commodore sedan models, the rear boot Holden badge uses these pins and as such, it is not recommended to remove this badge.
  • Before you begin, you should obtain the following parts and tools to assist you with the badge removal.
    Ordinary Car wash, and a sponge.
    1 meter of 15lb fishing line.
    Some Methylated Spirits
    One or more rags
    A hose with a supply of water.
  • Using the fishing line, begin to cut the double sided tape used to affix the badge to the vehicle, by placing the fishing line behind the badge to be removed,
    and using a flossing motion (Just like flossing your teeth), slowly begin to cut the tape using the fishing line.
    Your should take your time with this step.
    Also take care with the fishing line, as it is possible to midly cut your fingers when attempting this step.
    Once completed, you will be left with the residual double sided tape, still affixed to the vehicle.
  • This best method to remove the residual double sided tape from the vehicle is to use you fingernail, and gently peel the tape off the panel.
    Again take your time with this step, and take caution so as you dont not scratch the paint work with your fingernail.
    See the below illustration for an example of this proceedure,
  • This step requires a clean rag, and some Methylated Spirits.
    Wet the end of the rag with the Methylated Spirits, and begin to remove the glue and gum from the paint work where the badge was previously positioned.
    Do not use force removing the gum, rather take your time wiping the gum off the paint using clean areas of the rag, that have been moistened with Methylated Spirits
    The illustration below shows the paint work before the application of Methylated Spirits,
  • VERY IMPORTANT - Rinse the Methylated Spirits from the paint work immediately after removing the residual glue and gum from the panel.
    Use ample amounts of fresh clean water to hose away and residual Methylated spirits from the panel work, and the rest of the vehicle.
    Methylated spirits can cause paint removal (especially with acrylic paints) if left to soak in to the paint work.
    Once the panel has been thoroughly rinsed with water, begin to wash the panel with normal car wash to ensure all the gum, glue, spirits, and any other foreign material has been removed from the panel.
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