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Remote Control Repair and Service for the Holden VE II Commodore

  • The following guide describes the steps required to open the VE Remote Control keyfob, replace the battery, and optionally, replace the rubber push buttons.
    Although this document describes the Flip Key remote control keyfob, the steps involved also apply to the non flip style key remote keyfob.
  • The following parts are required before attempting to repair / service the remot control assembly.
    1 x CR-2032 Battery - $5.00 (A good quality brand such s Energizer is highly recommended !)
    1 x VE Keyfob Rubber Buttons GM#92245049 (Required only if you require the button replacement)

    You will also need the following tool.
    Small Flat headed screwdriver.
  • The first step is unfortunately the most difficult step.
    If this is your first time at attempting to separate the key head from the remote, it is best to take your time, and follow this guide precisely.
    It took me a number of attempts, and many cursed remarks regarding GM, and their obsession with using plastic clips for everything, before I realised the trick in releasing the key head from the remote control.

    Firstly, locate the hole in which you will need to insert the flat headed screw driver.
    For Flip out keys, you will need to umm flip out the key to gain access to this hole.
    The following image shows the exact location of this hole.
    Next, Insert the flat headed screwdriver in to the hole.
    Basically, you will need to push the top of the key head plastic upwards, so as it disengages from a clip located on the middle edge of the remote control part.
    You will need some force to do this, and you may need another flat headed screwdriver to help pry the key head assembly from the remote control assembly by wedging the second flat headed screwdriver in between the key head, and the remote control.

    The following image gives you an idea of the screwdriver angle you will need to help push the key head plastic upwards, away from the remote control.
    The next image gives you an idea of the location of the remote control edge / clip.
    As you can see, it is located right on the edge of the remote control assembly, roughly in the middle.
  • One you have the key head assembly separated from the remote control, you will need to open the remote control unit to access the internals and battery.
    Luckily this step is much easier than the previous step.
    At the end of the remote control, you will find another smallish hole, that you will need to GENTLY insert your flat headed screwdriver into.
    Unlike the previous step, you do not require a lot of force for this step.
    Once the screwdriver is inserted lever the screwdriver upwards, so as it pries the remote control back cover upwards and away from the rubber button face.
    the following images detail the location of the hole, as well as show how the remote control assembly is opened.
  • If you have come this far, then you may as well change the battery, since opening the remote control up to this point is a right royal pain in the butt!
    Simply remove the Battery from the back plate, using your flat headed screw driver, and replace with a new battery (CR-2032).
  • Finally, remove the remote control electronics board from the button assembly.
    Next, remove the chrome key ring holder from the rubber button assembly.
    You should now have something like this.
    Next, fit the existing chrome key ring holder to the new rubber button assembly,
    and finally, fit the remote control electronics board to the new rubber button assembly.
  • Simply clip the remote control back on to the new remote control rubber assembly, ensuring that the battery has been inserted in the correct position.
    (The Plus side of the battery goes towards the back plastic assembly).
    Next, test the remote control to ensure it operates correctly. (I.E. Lock, Unlock, Boot Release and Panic Button).
    Once the remote control has been tested, fit the key head assembly to the remote control by sliding the key head on to the remote control.
    Ensure the key head is firmly in place, and that the plastic clip has engaged.
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