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Changing the Steering Wheel and Wheel Controls for the Holden VE II Commodore

  • The following document describes what is involved in removing and fitting the following items.
    1) The steering wheel airbag module.
    2) The steering wheel.
    3) The steering wheel switch gear (Audio and driver information center controls).
    4) The steering wheel plastics.

  • 1) Large flat bladed screwdriver.
    2) Phillips head screwdriver.
    3) T50 Torx Bit (For the Steering Wheel Bolt).

    Note : Omega Steering Wheels
    The Omega media Controls, and steering wheel backing will not fit other model steering wheels,
    and as such if you are looking at changing the standard Omega Steering wheel, you will also need to source new media controls, the two plastic fittings to hold the new media controls, and the plastic steering wheel backing.
  • Disabling the Supplementary Restraint System (Airbags).
    As a precautionary safety measure, it is good idea to physically remove the Airbag fuse, before disconnecting and re-connecting airbags on the vehicle.
    Removing the Airbag fuse will prevent the airbags from accidentally being deployed whilst being removed or installed.

    The Airbag fuse is 30Amp Red coloured fuse, and is located in the engine bay fuse compartment.
  • The steering wheel airbag assembly is held in place by a large metal clip, which can be accessed by inserting a flat bladed screwdriver, in to the back of the steering wheel.

    There are two specific locations where this needs to be completed, before the airbag can be removed, and these locations can be accessed by turning the steering wheel at an angle of 90 degrees.
    With the steering wheel rotated, locate the rectangular hole at the back of the steering wheel, and insert the flat bladed screwdriver in to the hole.
    If you move or twist the screwdriver around, you will notice that it will catch on the large metal clip, and the clip will offer a certain amount of tension if forced in the outward / Upward direction.
    It is this clip that is used to hold the side of the drivers airbag in place.
    You can either twist the screwdriver to force the clip outwards, or maneuver the screwdriver position in order to force the clip outwards.
    With the clip in the outward position, attempt to dislodge the side airbag clip from the steering wheel by pulling the side of the airbag away from the steering wheel.

    Once you have completed this step, turn the steering wheel 180 degrees, and attempt the above to un-clip the other side of the steering wheel airbag.

    Once the airbag has been physically unclipped from the steering wheel, you will need to disconnect the two electrical connectors for the airbag assembly.
    The electrical connectors will have a small tongue / lever that needs to be depressed in order for the airbag electrical connector to be removed.
    Care should be taken with this step so as not to force or break the electrical connector whilst removing from the airbag.
    Once the electrical connectors have been unplugged, unplug the ground connector that connects to the the copper strip on the airbag assembly.
  • Note : Before removing the steering wheel it is a good idea to,
    1) Straighten the steering wheel to the straight ahead position,
    2) Remove the key from the ignition barrel,
    3) Rock the steering wheel to enable the steering wheel lock.
    This will prevent the steering wheel column from accidentally being turned whilst removing the steering wheel, making it much easier to align the new steering wheel to the steering column shaft position when re-fitting.
    Thank you to Jezzab for providing this invaluable tip !!!!

    Next, disconnect the steering wheel wiring connector used to connect the airbag and steering wheel switch gear.
    Once the wiring connector has been disconnected, you can begin to loosen the Hex bolt used to hold the steering wheel in place.
    To do this, you will require a T50 Torx Bit or Torx Key tool.
    NOTE : Do not remove the hex bolt yet, simply loosen the hex bolt so as it can be removed using your fingers at a later point in time.
    Also note that the hex bolt has Loctite applied to the bolt from the factory, meaning the bolt will require some force to crack the Loctite seal.
    Depending on the tool you are using, you may also need something to provide extra leverage to loosen the bolt.
    Once the bolt has been sufficiently loosened, you should now mark the steering wheel position in relation to the steering wheel shaft, using a pencil, or a permanent marker.
    This will allow you ensure that the steering wheel is in the correct position when refitting.

    Next, on some models, the steering wheel may be tightly fitted to the steering column shaft.
    Leaving the hex bolt loosely fitted will allow you to wiggle the steering, or use force on the steering wheel to loosen it from the steering column shaft, without the steering wheel from rapidly coming off the steering column shaft, and hitting you in the face in the process.

    Once you are sure the steering wheel can be easily removed from the steering column shaft, completely remove the hex bolt holding the steering wheel in place, and remove the steering wheel from the vehicle.

    With the steering wheel removed, carefully mark the clock spring module position using a pencil or permanent marker, in relation to the steering wheel column shaft position.
    Note : it is VERY important that the clock spring module is not rotated in relation to the steering column shaft position, as this may damage the clockspring module when the vehicle is next driven.
  • With the steering wheel safely removed from the vehicle, you can now disassemble the steering wheel to remove / replace the steering wheel plastics, and the steering wheel controls.
    To access the screws holding the steering wheel plastics and switch gear in place, you will first need to remove the steering wheel plastic backing.
    To do this, remove the two screws in the location displayed above.
    Once these two screws have been removed, you will now be able to remove the back plastic backing from the steering wheel.
    Next, you will need to remove the 6 screws located on the back of the steering wheel.
    These screws are used to hold the plastic trim pieces in place as well as the steering wheel controls.
    Withe the screws removed, carefully remove one side of the plastic trim piece, starting from the bottom of the trim piece, and slowly work you way upwards, disengaging the clips used to hold the trim piece in place.

    You may also need to maneuver the steering wheel switch gear around in order to remove the trim piece.

    Continue the above steps to remove the second trim piece from the steering wheel.
    Finally, carefully remove the steering wheel switch gear from the steering wheel by carefully maneuvering the switch gear so as to release the switch gear wiring from the steering wheel assembly.
    Once completed, you should now have the switch gear, and steering wheel assembly separated.
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